| I'm Vilma. I love clothes but i'm very picky, just like with everything in my life.I'm a sapiosexual girl with high expectations no one can ever really meet. I adore travelling .I sometimes pretend that my life is a movie. I like long walks on the seaside and listening to people tell me about their lives. I'm a 20 year-old control freak, studying computer science though photography and nature are my true passions. I'm cynical and dont really believe in abiding love. I run, I talk, I learn, I love anything that is different... ☂.|  eye(s) watching





That’s fucked up. That’s real fucked up. That’s some ice spider shit and I do not approve.

That is the sickest shit ever

i just imagined a tiny little ice-spider on the mirror singing ‘let it go’ as he builds his little icy webby fortress.

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